Thursday, May 8, 2014

Work Plan Session 8

Session 8
Biosphere video and images (google images)
Discuss the scientific experiment of the biosphere.
 How could this style of structure be adapted to life on Mars.
 Astronaut and cosmonaut images.
 Identify the unique and differing styles of their suits as well as the features that are similar which are required for the atmospheric elements in space.
In World
Space suits
Design a way to incorporate elements of the tribal cultural dress in to a suit that will enable them to travel to and live on Mars.
Temperature – air tight
Oxygen - helmet
Mobility – allow movement
Size shape style – must reflect the tribal style that has been designed, incorporate the tribal colours and flag designs.
Packing for Mars trip
Each tribe is to place all the needs and want thy created into the pod and prepare to transport to Mars

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