Monday, May 26, 2014

Work Plan Session 13

Session 13

Land allocation

Geographical borders designed by man.

Consider how borders are marked on earth and how borders are defined.

Many are not physical, and only exist on a map.

Some borders are physical and are marked by fences or other markers.


Tribes will decide on the area of land they feel their tribe will need. They are to claim it as their tribal lands in the new colony. Using markers of their own design they will mark out the parameters of the land they are claiming. (Use a glowing marker)

Tribes must consider:

How much land do you need?

What space do you require for your tribe to continue with its trade or skill?

In World

Find your tribe members in the world and design a marker.

Fly up and look down on the Martian terrain that surrounds the landing zone of your tribes pod, decide what your tribal space should be.

Share the marker design across the tribe and have each tribe member place it on the boarder of your Martian tribal lands as claimed by your tribe.

Text to Earth send a brief update message to earth

Video Log record your tribe’s video diary for this session.

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