Sunday, May 25, 2014

Student Log Entries from Mars 20 May 2014

Log Entries 20 May 2014

Data is slow and expensive to send back to Earth so messages have to be short.

Nadia - WOW….Mars is x. …:) i <3 u family

Amber - I have arrived. ILYSM talk soon3

Beau - Hi dad this is beau i arrived on mars

Billie - heeey, we r all fine it twas a safe journey and ill give more details later on. miss u

Joel - ok love u mum joel mars is rocky 20 may

Massi - hey mum how r u I’m still alive but since Im gone i ll miss u and since I’m rich  all my money goes to u  later bye

Mellisa - awesome here, i love u and miss u xo

Nyater - hi mum I’m a  live so it is good love you

Aaliyah - hey dad we just arrived at mars miss u dad hope u were here
it a nice place and its going to be fun.

Bethany - we r ok on mars small mountains rocky desert

Blake -Hi mum i did not die on mars


Karissa - dear mum i luv u I’m safe nd happy. i arrived today nd its fun!! the building is huge. just wanted to say hi bye

Nyankach - Dear who ever reads this we have safely landed on mars and theres not much here at the moment

OJ - how are you cat are you dead by good talking to you

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