Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The first tourists in outer Space! (Reflection)

The first tourists in outer Space! 
Year 7 designed and conducted Tours of Mars
Mars Tour Reflections
The students had an amazing experience as tour guides to students in year 456. The classes arrived in the lab ready for their tours.
They watched the simulated Mars landing of the space pods built by the year 7 students and then were allocated to a tour guides. The guides took them on a virtual tour of Mars showing them all the fascinating structures and landscapes of the new colony. The tourists were immersed in the wonder of the design and skill of the Martians and all they have created on their new home planet. They were shown how to build simple structures using the virtual world software and how to move the avatars in world.
All the tourists then viewed the real mars landing of the NASA Curiosity Mars rover, and saw an actual space landing. They were really impressed by the footage and all the science behind travel to Mars.  

The year 7 students did a magnificent job as tour guides they were articulate and clear. They showed patience and enthusiasm for their tours. They knew their stuff! Giving explanations and back ground to all they were asked, excellent commentary of their planned tours.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Leaving the Earth Short Film

Recently film maker Greta Tucker, apart of the Doveton Live team, made a short documentary about the Leaving the Earth project.  It was fascinating to listen to the students respond to questions about their learning and level of enthusiasm for the journey.  It is worth commenting on how they have connected and invested so much imagination to this course and how they describe the experience.  It is a reality even though it is a virtual reality.

We will post a link to the doco when all the clearances are completed.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reflection Sessions 28-29

Reflection Session 28- 29
What an amazing leap in engagement after the holidays. The kids are ready for a new challenge and we have begun to plan our end of year exhibition.
Film making seems to have sparked an interest.
We are beginning with the planning for the end of year exhibition showing the process and journey of the leaving the earth Project. All students used Final Cut Pro for the first time. They imported videos, stills and audio from their server folders. They are using the features of the software to put in text, titles transitions, effects and sound effects.
 We needed to work through the editing process with more depth in the coming sessions.

They had the choice of working individually or in pairs. Pairs had to be negotiated and both had to be from the one tribe. it was abut a 50/50 split of pairs and individuals.
 looking forward to the next few weeks :)

Work Plan Session 28-29

Term 4

Session 28-29

Exhibition preparations begin
Student will be required to
Plan an end of year Mars exhibition

The digital exhibit pieces

Collate and collect samples of the journey and personal experience for Leaving the Earth
Students can share resources, or make new ones.
Look into the server files for texts and documents made by your tribe over the year. 
Year 7 Time Capsules
Tribe folders

What to include:
Flags still shots and plans for buildings, space pods.
Put all of this info into the presentation.
Include the tour your tribe planned and take your parents on the tour.
Slide show
Include Text format

Sound  and Pictures

Software used
Final cut pro
Crazy talk

It is hoped that by the end of the term we will invite parent to the classroom to view the exhibition
the films made by the student. tentative date set for week 10 of term 4.

Parents will view the individual films of the students journey and also be tourist on mars participating in the prepared Mars tours.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reflection session 26 - 27

We are so pleased with the students first go at the video logs.
They made a great effort to be constructively critical of themselves and their teams.
Their first entry focused on the way the teams worked and if they felt they had built a good tribal work ethic.
They were able to see that their ability to manage their work load and allocate tasks was improved as the sessions progressed . Many reflections also identified that teams were effected by the focus of their members.
They saw that when they all had a clear plan and set roles or tasks that they were able to keep to them and meet set goals.
the wider majority of the logs all said that working in their teams was the preferred way of working as compared to individual task.

My favourite quote was from Nadia 7C,
"We didn't get everything finished but we tried hard and I am proud of them."

We look forward to seeing how these reflections evolve.

Work plan Sessions 26 -27

Sessions 26 -27
Work plan
Video Reflections Log - the what, why and who?
Weekly Mars Reflections Video log
Students need to use correct naming conventions for storing the files in the server folder.
They will use
NAME Reflection #
Saved into the serer folder  - Mars Refection Videos
To make the video they will open the word document Reflections Video log, that has the focus questions on it. They can note take and record and points of interest on the desk top or white board as cues for their reflection.
They will then use
Photobooth and choose video setting
 they will record their reflection

We need to ensure they are responding to the focus questions appropriately and using the time to reflect on their own learning and the impact they may have had on the project.
 It would be beneficial to also reflect on the effectiveness of the team, how they gelled, how they delegated, negotiated, goal set and reached milestones throughout the project.
Each week we will be answering specific focus questions to build a reflection log of the Mars project. These reflections will form the basis of a film or digital representation for our end of year exhibition for our families to view our Leaving the Earth - Mars work.
We can’t wait to share.

Reflection 1. Tribes equal teams
What did you enjoy about teams?
What was the hardest part? Why?
Did you see changes in the way your team worked over the project? eg s
Did you see an improvement in team work over the year? eg s
What would you do differently? Why?

Was this team project successful? A few examples.