Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The first tourists in outer Space! (Reflection)

The first tourists in outer Space! 
Year 7 designed and conducted Tours of Mars
Mars Tour Reflections
The students had an amazing experience as tour guides to students in year 456. The classes arrived in the lab ready for their tours.
They watched the simulated Mars landing of the space pods built by the year 7 students and then were allocated to a tour guides. The guides took them on a virtual tour of Mars showing them all the fascinating structures and landscapes of the new colony. The tourists were immersed in the wonder of the design and skill of the Martians and all they have created on their new home planet. They were shown how to build simple structures using the virtual world software and how to move the avatars in world.
All the tourists then viewed the real mars landing of the NASA Curiosity Mars rover, and saw an actual space landing. They were really impressed by the footage and all the science behind travel to Mars.  

The year 7 students did a magnificent job as tour guides they were articulate and clear. They showed patience and enthusiasm for their tours. They knew their stuff! Giving explanations and back ground to all they were asked, excellent commentary of their planned tours.