Thursday, May 8, 2014

Techs and Specs for the sound

We have a theatre fitted out with a 3000 watt JBL VRX flown array sound system.

This is a seriously LOUD system.

To use it to full effect and create a thrilling sensory experience I used a number of effects containing subsonic frequencies to create the rumble of the spaceship and the boom of the rockets. In all over 100 individual sound effects were compiled, edited and manipulated to create the sound track for Leaving The Earth.

My favourite creative moment is the sound effects used when the spaceship travels through hyperspace with starts shooting past it.

I created this using the sound of a rope being swung in circles which was then slowed down creating a phasey other-worldness to it. I then combined it with the sounds of a dentist drill, a high pitched synthesizer sound and a microwave oven which was also dropped in pitch

Malcolm McMahon
Studio Producer & Co-ordinator

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