Monday, May 19, 2014

Leaving the Earth Project – Music Blog Week 2. Tribe Melodies

This week the students explored the ideas, thoughts and concepts behind the following questions
  • ·      What is a melody?
  • ·      What is Rhythm?
  • ·      What is Pitch?
  • ·      What is a step(as it relates to melody)?
  • ·      What is a skip(as it relates to melody)?
  • ·      How do we make a melody?
  • ·      Where can we get ideas from?

The discussions were great though we did resort to Hangman(an old favourite of mine) to add a bit of fun into the lesson.

Ultimately we asked the students where could we get a rhythm from if we think about the mars project. It was suggested by the students that we could use their tribes names and the role the tribe plays in the overall class. Once this was agreed, we then explored playing the rhythm on one note of the keyboard then added a step or two. Eventually we added steps a leap and some more steps to demonstrate a simple melody.

We then wrote down on the whiteboard the steps the students recited to us about how to make a melody. After the process was confirmed with the students,  the class started a new project in Garage band, applied their designated scale mode, and then explored ideas for their melodies.

Going by the level of focus and concentration that was going on, the students seemed to be liking the exploring process.

Next week we will revisit the concepts and share some melodies!


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