Monday, May 26, 2014

Reflection Session 13

Reflection Session 13

Stake your claim!

Last week all new settlers were happy to visit and move around the new territories, visit other tribes and friends. Today they marked out boarders and laid claim to Martian land in the name of their tribe. What a bun fight!! It was like the Wild West, Early Colonial Australia or the Middle East! Suddenly it wasn’t ok for other tribes to be visiting or rather trespassing.

As the markers were placed some tribes spread their lands as widely as possible encompassing as much land as they could, others worked in close proximity to their pod and others build actual walls.

There was much banter as to who had claimed parts of Mars first and the negotiations began!

Soon the questions were being asked…..

Who is going to control what people do on Mars?

What happens to people who come onto our land?

What if we want to visit other tribes?

Can we make passports?

Are there any rules? Do we need them? What should they be? Who decides this?

In the coming weeks…………As educators we look forward to going on this learning journey of civics and citizenship, geography, history and interpersonal learning with our new Martian Colonists!

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