Thursday, May 8, 2014

Work Plan Session 10

Session 10

Pack to leave.

Hand out Incursion forms.

Packing to leave – The Essentials


Take to Mars that they will need to have in order to continue with their tribe’s trade or skill.

The items they take may be unique to their tribe and other tribes may approach them on mars to access their tools or utilise their unique skills. This may form the basis of a basic system of trade or economy in in the fledgling Martian economy. Items that will also ensure the tribes survival will also be needed.

Team meeting 3 minutes

Discuss the items that teams need to take

 Assign roles and set goals for each tribe member to achieve by the end of the session.

Review the items

In world

Create tools of the trade

 Tribes need to locate images that reflect the trade of their tribe. Eg doctors, builders, farmers

 Upload the images to the textures library and use the newt textures in prims in their virtual world.

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