Monday, May 19, 2014

Work Plan Session 12

Session 12

First settlement

 We have arrived on MARS. The fun begins!


Priorities for survival

What should be the first things your tribe must do to establish their colony?

Reuse, recycle, reinvent

Consider exploring the surroundings

How can the structures taken to Mars be adapted to suit the terrain of Mars?

In World

Still photo collection – record your project in pictures.

All tribes are to take shots of their pod and tribe members on Mars and save to server folder.


Set up camp/village tribal space in the landing zone.

Write a text message to someone you love on earth

Use text editor

Save and send to server for Gene to collate

Use text appropriate language, limited characters to lower the data so it gets sent quicker/faster. 9 to 10 month journey 14minutes for data to travel one way. 7 minutes wither way.

Tribe Time Capsule

Video Journal entry – use photo booth

Export and store video journal entries in tribe folder on MAC server

Each entry must be dates

1st entry all tribe in one shot (each week at least one person must make a video diary entry)

First impressions of Mars and your new surroundings.

What have you learnt on this journey so far?

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