Monday, April 28, 2014

Work Plan Session 5 and 6

Session 5 and 6
First session back
Show Mars film – revisit the concept of what might be possible. With the knowledge gained through the VSCCE and think further about how this will impact the things you may be taking to mars and how your day to day life on mars might be. Also what will you need for survival?
 ICT survey with all levels 7 8 9
Hand out certificates to the students who attended the excursion last week.
 All students are to complete the survey as a comparative data set to last survey results.
Both sessions –
In World
 Transport Pod Building
All classes are to complete the building of the transport pods for their tribe to travel to Mars.
 3 screen captures and store into the tribal file, electronic records of process.
 Shots must show the items that they have designed and built for their tribe.

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