Monday, April 28, 2014

Session 4 Excursion to VSCCE

Wednesday excursion to VSCCE – NASA Wednesday 26 February.
AFK and In World
What will your tribe take with you? How will it be transported?
Discuss 9 to 10 month Journey, what would travellers do with their time? How would they be occupied? Do the designs of the pods allow for this to be a comfortable journey?
What to take to Mars
Needs – Build in world
These are the elements necessary for human survival
Wants –Build in world
 There are the elements that the settlers may desire as a reminder of their earth homes, mementos etc
In World
Transport Pod building begins. With the understanding of the needs and wants that will need to be transported, your tribe must devise and design a plan for the transport that will get you to Mars.
It must have the following:
Its design and decoration must be reflective of your tribe’s culture
Provide a safe travel area for passengers.
Cargo hold that will contain all your tribe needs to survive
When it land on mars it will be the main dwelling for your tribe in the initial settlement.
Photo points throughout the session taking progressive photos of their build.

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