Monday, April 28, 2014

Work Plan Session 3


Session focus

Establish the tribal identity.

Define needs and wants for your tribe?



In discussion with the tribe you must decide on the following

-10 mins

Definition of a need – collate all the responses and display.

Definition of a want – collate all the responses and display.

List the top 5 needs

List top 3 wants


1.            10 mins Alter the appearance of the avatars to match the described identity of the tribe.

Have each tribe member incorporate the tribal appearance elements on their avatar. All tribe members must wear the design. Display the flag design in the tribal lands. Import it as a texture/image into the inventory.

2.            20 mins

Explore the devastated earth and the tribal lands that your tribe belong to. What might be salvaged and or collected to take to MARS.
Allocate tasks to each tribe member to build a need in their tribal land that can be harvested collected or transported at a later date for their journey to Mars

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