Monday, April 28, 2014

Session 2 Work Program

Session 2


Session focus

What identifies you as a tribe?

What makes your tribe unique?

Look at images of tribal societies from around the world. What are the identifying features of their appearance dress etc. Ndebele south Africa


In discussion with the tribe you must decide on the following

Tribe motto - 10 mins


The name and motto must come from words that mean the same as Synonyms, the motto must describe the tribes determination to make a successful transition to the new colony

Explorers, expedition, first, survival, survivors, travellers

It can be in another language.

Design – 10 mins

Paint Software

Tribal flags




Cultural music and foods

Traditional dress style


  1. 20 mins Alter the appearance of the avatars to match the described identity of the tribe.

Have each tribe member incorporate the tribal appearance elements on their avatar.

  1. 20 mins
    Display the flag design in the tribal lands. Import it as a texture/image into the inventory. Explore the devastated earth and the tribal lands that your tribe belong to. What might be salvaged and or collected to take to MARS.

Are there any creations, structures, planting or developments your tribe can implement in the short term to help towards planning your mars exodus?

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