Sunday, April 27, 2014

Science Y7 Mars

Mission to Mars was a learning success. Students were enthralled with the idea of people actually going to Mars. How will they do it? Who will pay for it? Who is going? Would you want to go, if you can’t come back? How big will the space ship be? How will they build the base? What will they eat and drink? Will the internet and facebook work there?

We could have learn’t about forces and motion, the biology of what humans need, food chains, solar power and rockets, etc, without a ‘mission to Mars’. The difference is the kids were enthusiastic about the learning and asked far more questions, of me and each other, rather than the me ‘firing’ questions at them. I enjoyed the unit a too because it gave me the ‘permission’ to explore and ‘run with’ whatever the kids were pursuing – we are still going! The best comment that summed it all up was, “learning is fun” J

Michael Vogue
eSmart Coordinator

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