Friday, April 25, 2014

Session 1 Work Program

Session 1

Earth tribes

Form mixed ability groups use random card selection combined with skill placement to balance each group.


100 ideas in 10 minutes
Focus question
What will the most valuable skills to have in a new colony on Mars?
Write everything down there are no dumb ideas.

Top 3

Consider the generated list. You are to select the top three skills you have listed that could become the identifying skill your tribe is renowned for. It will build your tribal identity.

This skill may-
Help survival
Help establish the colony
Become an income or trade opportunity
Benefit your tribe only
Benefit all the colonists

Tribe trade and name

Through discussion and consideration were each tribe members voice is heard the tribe must settle on a skill they will take with them to the new world.
The students are to then decide on a tribe name and begin the discussions and development of a tribal identity that will make them unique and different.

Explore the devastated earth and the tribal lands that your tribe belong to. What might be salvaged and or collected to take to MARS.

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