Monday, June 16, 2014

Work Plan Session 16

Session 16

Civic Structures

United Tribes Council UTC

Each tribe will nominate a representative to take part in a council meeting and vote to decide on the civic structures that each of the tribes will begin to build.

The reps will also decide on the land area to be used for the structures.


The tribes must discus and choose their reps

Suggest 2 areas of land that could be used for civic structures

Reps will attend a meeting of the UTC

Chaired by teacher to begin with

In world

Remaining tribe members continue to place and set out their tribes

UTC reps meet and decide the civic structures


Design the buildings selected. Each tribe is responsible for a separate civic structure they have been allocated by the UTC.

In world

Build the design they have planned on the land allocated to them for this purpose.

Text to Earth send a brief update message to earth today’s entry is a task manager list per tribe.

Video Log record your tribe’s video diary for this session. Today’s video is a report on the tribes international space build on behalf of the UTC.

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