Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We landed on Mars with nothing but our Pod

Scientifico tribe arrived on mars with nothing through lack of organization.  Now they are trying to negotiate with Sanso to get some plants.

Initially Sanso were happy to freely support and help the other tribe.

It was questioned whether this is sustainable.

The two tribes are now negotiating a deal which may see some repayment in the future.

The options could be combining, sharing of power, domination, land sale or as suggested by a staff member, breed them out, they are weak and they may bring both tribes down.

The up shot of the negations was about skills and the equal power sharing. But in the end it was truly out of generosity.

The two tribes combined and decided rename to Sancien.

All the other tribes applauded.

They have yet to realize that the new Sancien is an enormous voting block.

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