Monday, June 23, 2014

Reflection Session 17


Seems natural to show Philanthropy

Noka tribe showed philanthropy today. They donated part of their tribal lands as a National Park. They removed their tribal boarder on this areas and replaced them with the international land markers. They did it without a second thought. They did not look at it as a loss, they simply viewed this landscape as an area they can still use and enjoy but that they would be able to share it with the greater community, this would make it more enjoyable. They still have the role of maintaining it and keeping it safe, clean and in good order. Their friends from other tribes can enjoy it too as it is now an international space as designated by the United Tribal Council.

Team work is working!

Over all the tribes are working in a more cohesive and cooperative manner. As they work through the planning designing and process the importance of the delegation of tasks amongst the tribe to achieve the team goal becomes a more important. They know that their team will be most successful if they all work in a focused and supportive way. They are only as good as their weakest link! They are holding their tribe mates accountable and using checks, measure and encouragement to keep their tribe on task.

We are hearing more of the language of teams:

How are you going with the zone you are working on?

Do you need help with the placement of the markers?

Hey you are doing a really good job, I like the zone you are working on.

I have an idea, (idea outlined)

Do you agree should we do this?

Let’s ask the other tribes to see if they like it before we start. (They then sent a delegate to each tribe to ask them a question. He returned from is survey with we have 5 yes and three no, so they went ahead with the idea.)

We are seeing greater evidence of values of the tribes working together respect and belonging to not only their tribe but the wider first Martian settlers.

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