Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reflection session 26 - 27

We are so pleased with the students first go at the video logs.
They made a great effort to be constructively critical of themselves and their teams.
Their first entry focused on the way the teams worked and if they felt they had built a good tribal work ethic.
They were able to see that their ability to manage their work load and allocate tasks was improved as the sessions progressed . Many reflections also identified that teams were effected by the focus of their members.
They saw that when they all had a clear plan and set roles or tasks that they were able to keep to them and meet set goals.
the wider majority of the logs all said that working in their teams was the preferred way of working as compared to individual task.

My favourite quote was from Nadia 7C,
"We didn't get everything finished but we tried hard and I am proud of them."

We look forward to seeing how these reflections evolve.

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