Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reflection Session 25

Rehearse your tours.....
Tribal Delegation and Contribution

This rehearsal session really helped teams to identify members of their tribe who perhaps did not get their allocated tasks finished.  They realised they could not deliver a half finished tour, when tourists were relying on them to deliver an exciting experience.
We saw many tribes discussing the possible fixes for the missing parts and in fact we also saw some tribes giving support to members who were struggling to get their delegated/assigned tasks completed.
We discussed with the whole class that when delegating tasks and goal setting that it works best to match skill to the individual "jobs" so that each tribe member is working at their capacity and also using their skill set.
One question that was raised was, what if there was no one in the tribe with that skill set or if that perhaps the person who would be best at it was busy with another task?
The tribes then decided that 2 heads were better than one and that in the tribes they would mentor each other, give support to members that were not as "skilled' or trouble shoot as they went. some worked in pairs.
They all agreed that being part of  a tribe and doing nothing was not on.
These "non doers" let their tribe down and had a negative impact on their tribe. The tribe had a responsibility to support and encourage its members and to try to change the behaviour of their low contributors by making sure their skills were better matched to their tasks. However in the end these tribe members would be cast out of they didn't pull their space socks up. (This worked a treat!) :)

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