Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Work plan Sessions 26 -27

Sessions 26 -27
Work plan
Video Reflections Log - the what, why and who?
Weekly Mars Reflections Video log
Students need to use correct naming conventions for storing the files in the server folder.
They will use
NAME Reflection #
Saved into the serer folder  - Mars Refection Videos
To make the video they will open the word document Reflections Video log, that has the focus questions on it. They can note take and record and points of interest on the desk top or white board as cues for their reflection.
They will then use
Photobooth and choose video setting
 they will record their reflection

We need to ensure they are responding to the focus questions appropriately and using the time to reflect on their own learning and the impact they may have had on the project.
 It would be beneficial to also reflect on the effectiveness of the team, how they gelled, how they delegated, negotiated, goal set and reached milestones throughout the project.
Each week we will be answering specific focus questions to build a reflection log of the Mars project. These reflections will form the basis of a film or digital representation for our end of year exhibition for our families to view our Leaving the Earth - Mars work.
We can’t wait to share.

Reflection 1. Tribes equal teams
What did you enjoy about teams?
What was the hardest part? Why?
Did you see changes in the way your team worked over the project? eg s
Did you see an improvement in team work over the year? eg s
What would you do differently? Why?

Was this team project successful? A few examples.

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