Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Work Plan Session 28-29

Term 4

Session 28-29

Exhibition preparations begin
Student will be required to
Plan an end of year Mars exhibition

The digital exhibit pieces

Collate and collect samples of the journey and personal experience for Leaving the Earth
Students can share resources, or make new ones.
Look into the server files for texts and documents made by your tribe over the year. 
Year 7 Time Capsules
Tribe folders

What to include:
Flags still shots and plans for buildings, space pods.
Put all of this info into the presentation.
Include the tour your tribe planned and take your parents on the tour.
Slide show
Include Text format

Sound  and Pictures

Software used
Final cut pro
Crazy talk

It is hoped that by the end of the term we will invite parent to the classroom to view the exhibition
the films made by the student. tentative date set for week 10 of term 4.

Parents will view the individual films of the students journey and also be tourist on mars participating in the prepared Mars tours.

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