Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reflection Sessions 28-29

Reflection Session 28- 29
What an amazing leap in engagement after the holidays. The kids are ready for a new challenge and we have begun to plan our end of year exhibition.
Film making seems to have sparked an interest.
We are beginning with the planning for the end of year exhibition showing the process and journey of the leaving the earth Project. All students used Final Cut Pro for the first time. They imported videos, stills and audio from their server folders. They are using the features of the software to put in text, titles transitions, effects and sound effects.
 We needed to work through the editing process with more depth in the coming sessions.

They had the choice of working individually or in pairs. Pairs had to be negotiated and both had to be from the one tribe. it was abut a 50/50 split of pairs and individuals.
 looking forward to the next few weeks :)

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