Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Work plan Sessions 18 - 22

I'm back from outer space!!!
Four week away on leave and I am back on Mars and looking forward to a bright future.The tribes have all made their first move to a government system to run the planet and new colonies. It was unanimous that Democracy was the preferred system. below is the plan of the session and how each class came to this decision.
(We did have a few students who thought they would be good dictators or great monarchs, but they were out voted!)
Session 18 - 22

Monuments to Martian achievements

Government development (safety law and order)

Session 22

Review and highlights of last 4 weeks

Students will individually vote on the system of government that will be implemented

 Choices are:




Record the decision.

Team share 3 minutes

In teams list what attributes a leaders should possess. What are you looking for in a leader?

Key words - in line with school values
Respect Empathy Belonging Resilience Excellence
plus leadership reliable responsible organised kind caring etc.

Key Policies

Policy (record all the responses)

Equality Trust faith hard work etc

Nominate 3 candidates from the class to be a leader in the classroom

Consider the attributes of each of the nominees
next week - As a whole class elect a rep for the cross tribe UTC

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