Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Virtual Urban Myth

All good societies should have an Urban Myth.  I have not seen one appear in any of our Virtual World societies until yesterday.

Students are creating virtual tours of Mars to take the 4-6 students on an incursion in the next two weeks.  As a result they needed to find six places which they liked on Mars to take their younger charges.

There was a level of frustration when a group of students from different tribes could not find the Giant Apple.  I had not seen a Giant Apple (which I was quickly corrupted when I referred to it as the Enormous Apple) nor had Chrisi.  The more it was talked about and the more other students became involved and the more convinced everyone became that there is or was a Giant Apple.

There is no Apple.

What we think it might be is a technology tribe built an enormous iPone as a monument with the apple logo on it.

This amy hav been the start to our urban myth.

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