Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guns, Germs and Steel

Today we started moving the students from tribes to Governments.  We looked at three types of Governments we explored were Democracy, Monarchy and Dictatorship.

We also used the theories discussed in Guns, Germs and Steel to highlight why societies move to more formal styles of Government and why that might happen.

Some students thought that a Dictatorship might be fun until they realised it is only fun if you are the Boss..

We also looked at the idea that while tribal Governments worked for a small number of people, they, the class were not in fact in contact with the other two Grade Seven classes and that they were completely unaware of what decisions the other tribes were making.

After this discussion we left the students to ponder where they were going and the future Government they would form.

Students went into the Virtual World and continued building their National Monuments and public buildings and spaces

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