Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Work plan Session 23 and 24

Tourism Industry
The purpose is to develop an industry that the colonists can use to add to a potential economy on Mars. Also this will enable them to share the work they have been doing while introducing other students and teachers in the school to the Virtual World program.

Come to MARS!!

 Excursions to Mars – discuss
What is possible?
What makes a good tour /excursion?
How do we engage our visitors?

Organisation is the key!

What could each tribe share with visiting students??

Plan an Excursion to Mars
Tribes are to design an advertising poster inviting 456 classes to a tour of Leaving the Earth - Mars

Your tribe will become tour guides taking tourists on a journey around the new Martin settlement.
The tour
Select 6 major stops (highlights that you tribe will take tourists to see.
 Each stop must have an accompanying commentary: Tribes must write the scripts for the tours

-who built it (which tribe)
-what is the purpose of the structure
- Symbolism of any patterns or colours
- Any changes or adaptations to the structure
- Whether it was a tribal or community space

Design a brochure (app smash) that shows what the tour designed by your tribe will offer tourists to Mars.

Include Text and photos.

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